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Trauma Informed Expressive Artivistism: 

Is an approach to traumatic stress that integrates art-based interventions to support trauma reparation and recovery.

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welcome to Amiyawil.com

Using Fashion, Dance, Music, and other Artistic pursuits With the intention of Uniting People of color and Allies to feel inspired.

this platform explores many styles and techniques used as a form of Art- Therapy to cope with Trauma while restructuring outworn thoughts and limiting beliefs that Delays


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- [ ] Communication and having dignified dialogue so that she can be open to different perspectives and constructive criticism.

- [ ] She values being personable with people that are more introverted while understanding their needs and showing compassion for their expressed traumas.

- [ ] She values advocating for marginalized groups that find it difficult to express themselves assertively, directly, and effectively.


I’m Amiya Wil and I have struggled with limiting beliefs and Negative thoughts since i was a kid.

Psychologists and Therapists have always been a big part of my life. Now that I'm Grown I no longer negotiate with therapists and don't need psychologists.

At such a young age I felt like it took a lot out of me. it has been such a lonely journey. For some odd reason Ive navigated most of my life without the fellowship of my community of color. Mental health is rarely discuss in the black COMMUNITY. There has always been a disconnect and that’s what inspired my platform.

Styles by Amiya Wil is a legacy I’m building for myself and people of color to turn pain into profit Using art. my top 3 keys to safe trauma recovery is : Art Therapy, Vlogging, and Mental Health Advocacy.

the 3 methods I use in every aspect of my life to keep structure in my mind while navigating life are accessible on this site.

join me as I create a legacy of engaging people of color and Allies to heal with me while Winining back my finer, kinder, and healthier Self!

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About Amiya Wil

Unique Qualities

- [ ] Is having a huge capacity for compassion.

- [ ] Being able to humanize people from all walks of life with no judgement.

- [ ] Leading with Grace and Mercy as a form of conflict resolution during disagreements and still holding true to my moral compass when feeling discouraged.

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If you are interested in collaborating with music reels editorials vlogs Podcasts photoshoots or videos send me a message at any of my many social media outlet to your right Thank you



instagram: amiyawil




Amiya Wil

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The more Advocates, Allies, and Supporters the better Results, Resolution, Recovery and Reparations for our people. This is bigger than us, but it need to start with healing together and being open to a different perspective.

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